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ZORTRAX M200 Pluspoga-pasutit
Price excl. VAT: 1980 eur


    • delivery in Latvia and Baltic states
    • one roll of filament
    • tool kit
    • software
    • printer installation *
    • on-site training in the use of printer *

* Riga and Riga region free, outside of Riga region – for an extra fee.


Zortrax M200 3D printer is ideal for designers and engineers. It is one of the most advanced 3D printers on the market. It is equipped with a calibration system that provides the exact level every time you print. Thanks to Z- Suite software it is compatible with all operating systems and 3D modeling software. The use of a two-part platform allows for easy removal after the print has finished. Thanks to this feature the model can be easily removed without causing any calibration issues. This very useful option for large print object removal. Wifi, built-in camera and material detector provide a comfortable and modern 3D printing experience.


Zortrax V3 extruder allows to print materials up to 290 ° C. Specially designed transition region assure trouble free printing with a range of materials. One of the most stable x and y-axis systems in the world. Each axis consists of two smooth rods opposite where most commercial printers only use one smooth rod. Construction, resulting in improved stability and quality of the printer. See. Zortrax M200 3D printer technical specifications.




3d printers, z-ultratZ-Ultrat

One of the most popular Zortrax materials. Quite solid and durable material with a large range of colors, with semi-mat surface. Perfect for prototypes and mechanical parts. Together with the Zortrax M200, you can get lively prototypes and end-user production parts with great looks.

3d printeri, Z- ABSZ-ABS

Classical material in the 3D printing industry. It is considered as a universal material due to its wide applications. Perfect for objects intended for testing functional prototypes and concepts with small or medium size. We offer only black and white colors.



This material almost does not have a shrinkage, which makes this material the best choice for printing large details, mock-ups. The Z-PLA Pro is a highly durable, biodegradable plastic, suitable for body parts and architectural models, and also for parts that is hard to break.


z-ASA Pro


Plastic has high resistance to UV light, moisture and various chemical substances, with reduced shrinkage properties. Ideal for functional components and parts that can withstand changing weather conditions.




Material with a visually attractive matte surface that hides small surface defects. Good material for gluing, coloring, grinding and polishing. Z-HIPS is an excellent material for visual models without the need to withstand UV light.




The material has high resistance to salts, acids and alkalis. Perfect for printing mechanical parts that are expected to come in contact with chemicals. Z-PETG is a physically durable, excellent material for prototype parts that will be in non-standard conditions and require extra strength.



Zortrax developed a powerful material for printing semi-transparent parts. Z-Glass is a thermoplastic consisting of a copolyester glass fiber blend. Designed to withstand high tensile loads and high temperatures, as well as high abrasion resistance (resistant to salts, acids and alkalis).


This material is specially designed to withstand static discharges, which make this material the only choice when used with sensitive electronics, in addition to the material has a low shrinkage coefficient, as well as resistance to salts and alkalis.


3d printeri, Z- ABSZ-PCABS

The main advantage of Z-PCABS material is resistance to high and low temperatures. This material is a combination of ABS plastic with polycarbonate, which is characterized by excellent durability, making it a good choice for printing functional parts.

A detailed comparison of the materials can be found here.

Z-SUITE software

z suite

    • Support for STL and OBJ formats
    • Model preparation before printing
    • Model parameter and position changing
    • Model splitting into multiple parts
    • Fast and slow printing options
    • Multiple models placement and rearranging on a plane
    • Manufacturer created profiles for original printing materials
    • Print setting modifications : filling density, shell thickness , printing speed, support creation
    • Export model to a Zortrax printer with USB, WiFi, RJ45
    • Software support and updates available on a regular basis in manufacturer’s homepage


Z-suite beginners video tutorial

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