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Z-ABS (44 eur/pcs.):
White Black

Z-ULTRAT (59 eur/pcs.):
Blue Cool grey Green Ivory Pure black Brown Red Yellow Magenta Neon blue Neon green Neon orange Neon pink Neon red Neon yellow Nude Olive Pastel blue Pastel pink Pastel purple Pastel turquoise Pastel yellow

Z-HIPS (59 eur/pcs.):
Natural white Black Grey

Z-GLASS (59 eur/pcs.):

Z-PETG (59 eur/pcs.):
Grey Black

Z-PCABS (130 eur/pcs.):

Z-PLA Pro (85,50 eur/pcs.):
Gypsum white

Z-ASA Pro (85,50 eur/pcs.):
Black Graphite gray

Z-ESD (119,79 eur/pcs.):

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